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Date published: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:41:27 GMT
League 2000 Round 6
A bright sunny evening enticed 87 riders for round 6 of The League 2000 the
biggest turn out of the year. Also an all time record of 29 riders in the U10
age group. The wind did hamper the riders in the TT with only 13 PB's, Annie
Kirton's 15 secs being the biggest improvement. Connor Eyeington's time of 70.1
secs was the fastest of the night with Euan Sanderson, 75.10 secs and Ben
Massey, 76.50 2nd and 3rd. Connor continued his winning ways taking the skills
test in 27 secs. ahead of Harrison Lee 34 secs and Daniel Thompson 36 secs.

In the RR Connor again victorious storming from scratch to win the 5 lap just
outsprinting Harrison Lee with Lewis Dolan a close 3rd. Newcomer Tom Brennan
crossed the line in 1st place in the 4 lap event with
Owen Massey coming in 2nd ahead of Adam Makepeace. The 3 lapper was the closest
race of the night Sam Dixon winning the sprint ahead of Fin Godber and Rosie
Burgess 2nd and 3rd respectively.
Winning the 2 laps was Finlay Smith with Ben Turnbull crossing in 2nd place
Ethan Johnson taking 3rd.
The small laps event went the way of the girls with Ella Peacock in 1st place,
Tom Wilson gaining 2nd ahead of Felix Levell

Posted by Ram on Tuesday 08 August 2017 - 20:42:23 |
League 2000 Round 5
A wet windy night greeted 76 riders and officials for the 5th round of this
years League 2000. However this did not deter the entrants from putting on some
excellent racing. 15 PB's were recorded in the time trial with Jack Browns
improvement of 29 secs being the biggest on the night. Euan Sanderson posted the
fastest time of the night with 75.90, very closely followed by Ben Massey in
76.70 with Samuel Rea 3rd in 76.80,

The skills stage went to Lewis Dolan whose time of 35 secs was enough for a
clear victory ahead of Kacey Eyeington's 40 secs and Joel Hurt's 43 secs.

Ben Etherington stormed, literally, to victory in the 5 lap race pulling away
from 2nd place Oliver Gatenby and 3rd placed Matthew White on the last lap. 4
laps winner was Owen Massey finishing ahead of Josh Jewitt in 2nd with Holly
Dixon coming 3rd.

Fin Godber took the glory in 3 laps beating Alex Young to the line with Rebecca
Mayes finishing 3rd. 2 laps victory went to Finlay Smith in a close sprint with
Sean Dolan, Abigail Stephenson a bike length behind in 3rd. In the small laps
races Tom Wilson took the glory in a clear victory ahead of Isabel Savil 2nd and
Ben Turnbull 3rd.

Posted by Ram on Tuesday 08 August 2017 - 20:41:23 |
League 2000 Round 4
A lovely night though a bit windy greeted the 73 riders to Rd 4 of the League
2000. It would of been 74 riders a nasty crash putting out Sean Dolan before
racing commenced. Please can you tell your children to be careful whilst warming
up before and between events as we had another 2 crashes as well.

43 PB's were recorded on the night and with 6 newcomers that equates to 67% PB's
the biggest improvement being Harry Wilson's 33 secs.However the fastest on the
night was Euan Sanderson who took nearly 7 secs. off to record a time of 72.10
with Harrison Lee 2nd in 75.10 and Ben Massey 3rd .77.10. Skills proved to be
Harrison's forte romping around the course in 29 secs. with 2nd place Kacey
Eyeington recording 31 secs and a tie for 3rd between Daisy Freer and Patrick
Killcullen in 35 secs.

Some clear space in the RR's Ben Etherington catching front markers Joel Hurt
and Cody Lee for victory in 5 laps. 4 Laps saw a clear win for Adam Makepeace
ahead of 2nd placed Stephen Bailes and 3rd Owen Massey. 3 Laps was the closest
race of the evening with Aiden Colmer just beating Harry Wilson to the line with
Rebecca Mayes crossing in 3rd. Sam Lane was victorious in the 2 lap event ahead
of Charlie Ward in 2nd with William Horlock 3rd. Biggest cheer of the night was
for Jack Brown in the 2 small laps race as he powered in ahead of Tom Wilson and
Claudia Davies, 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Just to finish thanks to all the volunteers who have helped out to date in this
years series.

Posted by Ram on Tuesday 08 August 2017 - 20:39:10 |
League 2000 2017 Round 3
The third round of this years League 2000 had 69 determined riders on yet
another cold windy night. The 5 road races provided some thrilling riding withe
the 4 lap race being exceptionally close and difficult for the judges.
5 Lap winner was Ben Etherington who was clear of Ben Massey in 2nd with Thomas
Godber being a close 3rd. The tight 4 lap race was a victory for Stephen Bailes
however the next 5 places were very close with Patrick Killcullen edging out
Oliver Gatenby for 2nd and 3rd respectively. There was clear air between winner
Izaak Super and 2nd place Aiden Colmer in the 3 lap race with Cillian Lewis
coming in 3rd.

2 Laps went the way of Saffron Shields, making her comeback to the series after
5 years Sam Lane placing 2nd with Abigail Stephenson 3rd. The 2 small laps
winner was William Horlock however 2nd place went to Fin Childs by a tyre width
from the fast finishing Ewan Whiting in 3rd.

Only 12 PB's in the time trial George Peacock being the biggest improvement with
49 secs. The fastest rider on the night being Connor Eyeington in 70.90secs with
both 2nd and 3rd recording PB's Samuel Rea in 77.60 secs and Ben Massey in 77.80

Connor Eyeington was again the fastest in the skills test in 35 secs with a tie
for 2nd place in 40 secs between Harrison Lee and Kacey Eyeington.

A couple of new entrants for this years series have not completed entry forms
please can these be filled in next round two weeks time.

Posted by Ram on Wednesday 17 May 2017 - 18:59:26 |
League 2000 2017 Round 2
A freezing cold and very windy night greeted the 87 riders for Round 2 of the
League 2000 2017. The wind was so bad it was difficult in setting up the skills
course with the cones and bottles blowing away.
This did not stop a close event with Connor Eyeington clocking 24 secs for the
course 1 ssec ahead of Toby Tanfield with Ben White, Joel Hurt and James Shields
tying for 3rd in 28 secs.

The time trial saw 17 riders doing PB's with Una Allport knocking 15 secs of her
time for the biggest improvement. The win went to Connor Eyeington in 68.80 secs
1 sec ahead of Toby Tanfield with Lewis Dolan 3rd in 71.80 seconds all doing

The RR saw great racing again with the 5 lap event being contested in the dark.
Toby and Connor starting as scratch caught the field and Ross Turner hung on to
them. Toby winning the sprint ahead of Ross 2nd and Connor 3rd. The 4 lap event
went the way of Daisy Freer with Patrick Killcullen a close 2nd and Sophie
Jewitt 3rd. 3 Laps victor was Fin Godber a couple of bike lengths ahead of Aiden
Colmer in 2nd
Alex Young 3rd.

Sam Lane came out on top in the 2 lap race with Ewan Whiting sprinting in for
2nd place ahead of Lewis Anderson in 3rd. the 2 small laps saw newcomer Tom
Wilson crossing the line 1st with George Peacock in 2nd ahead of Ethan S-Willis
in 3rd.

Posted by Ram on Wednesday 17 May 2017 - 18:57:42 |
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